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It's an important financial decision, too

The decision to try an ovum donation agency places additional strain on the finances of many parents-to-be. That's why we'll do everything possible to be ethically responsible when it comes to our agency expenses.

In addition, unlike other agencies we don't charge a fee to look at our donor database. We feel this takes unfair advantage of parents-to-be. You are not required to sign a contract with us before you search and our site is not password protected. When you search for your perfect donor it's FREE of charge and there's absolutely no financial obligation.


Donor Fees $7,000 Prior successful donors may be compensated $7,000-$10,000. Compensation may not exceed $10,000, based on ASRM Guidelines.
Agency Fee $6,000 Fee for international recipients $6,500
Ovum Donor
Medical Insurance
$450 Insurance covering donor in the event of any unexpected medical complications arising from ovum donation.
Ovum Donor
Legal Counsel
$500 Ensures the egg donor has access to outside legal counsel to review the ovum donor contract.
Screening Variable   Your clinic may perform screening (including but not limited to communicable disease testing, psychological evaluation and genetic screening) on the day your donor visits your clinic. Alternatively, she may have screening locally in her hometown if not required to travel. The average screening expense is between $1,500-$3,000 for first-time donors and may or may not already be included in your IVF package paid to your clinic. If the psychological evaluation and MMPI is to be completed by the agency and the donor either needs an update or a new evaluation, the charge is $400.00.
Monitoring Variable If your egg donor does not live near your fertility center, she will need local monitoring, including ultrasounds and blood work, for several days prior to her travel to your fertility clinic. This price ranges between $1,500-$2,500.
Travel/Lodging/Food   Variable If egg donor is required to travel for her retrieval, she will be provided with a per diem for food and transportation, as well as round-trip airfare (when needed) and hotel accommodations.

Other expenses such as fertility medications, physician fees and recipient attorney costs are not included in this total as they are paid separately by the recipient.

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