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Graceful Conception

Warm, caring, professional service is just
the start

Graceful Conception is a compassionate, innovative and premier-quality ovum donation agency. The key to our success is the value we place on being open and honest at all times with donors and recipients. We have also consulted with our parents-to-be, fertility clinics and caring donors to determine the most desirable agency services which are listed below.

Services provided throughout the egg donation process

  • Prescreen donors, and conduct personal interviews to meet our high standards
  • Ensure donors completely understand the entire ovum donation process
  • Compile donor profiles and keep online database up to date with donor information
  • Once a donor is selected, check her availability and timing for the cycle
  • Avoid any schedule conflicts and prior commitments that donor may have
  • Arrange (if needed) any travel arrangements for the donor
  • Obtain short term medical insurance for the donor
  • Assist donor (if needed) in finding a satellite monitoring clinic and arrange payment with clinic
  • The agency will maintain frequent contact with the donor through the cycle to answer any questions and take care of any needs she may have
  • Ensure safety and comfort of the donor at all times. A travel companion is required to accompany the donor to retrieval. If a companion is not available, a representative of the agency will accompany the donor whenever possible.
  • Follow up with the donor immediately following the retrieval, at one-week post retrieval and two weeks post retrieval
  • Have complete funds in a trust account from the recipient for the cycle before the donor begins any medications
  • Provide donor financial compensation when she begins stimulant medications: deliver the balance within five days after retrieval
  • Be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an on-call emergency capacity

Services provided throughout the recipient process

  • Consult with parents-to-be and explain the donation process
  • Procure potential donors through various means of advertising
  • Establish relationships with clinics in order to be on their donor agency list
  • Provide free access to our website with no commitment or contract required to view donor statistics and pictures of donor
  • Assist parents-to-be in choosing a donor
  • Work with recipient's clinic to arrange all medical and genetic screening of donor
  • Ensure that all screening, monitoring and testing is completed in a timely manner
  • Respond to phone calls and emails immediately—conversations will be warm, considerate, confidential and tact will always be maintained
  • Provide extended and unconventional business hours, including a 24-hour "emergency" on call line. This number will be given to donors and recipients as soon as a cycle begins
  • Arrange legal representation for recipients
  • Provide parents-to-be with an itemized list of expenses at the end of a cycle for tax purposes
  • Make every attempt to keep agency fees reasonable
  • Establish a trust account for parents-to-be to pay donor expenses
  • Maintain ethical standards as an ASRM member and follow all recommended guidelines
  • Maintain complete anonymity of donors and recipients if desired

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